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If you are interested in donating your time, please get in touch. Our project wouldn't exist without the sustained, diligent, patient, and hard work of volunteers in Poland and Ukraine. Especially in recent months, we need new volunteers to allow the long-term volunteers to rest. For the most part, volunteers will be helping with loading minivans and driving them across the border to Ukraine.



This work isn't safe and it isn't easy. We appreciate all of your prayers for volunteers, for our partners, and for those who are distributing the aid in Ukraine. Pray for those risking their lives to help others, for those who have left everything behind, and for those who have lost their dear ones.

We also ask that you pray for peace that is based on justice. 



In Europe

 Follow this link to the Quo Vadis Ukraine Relief Fund (#173033P1) 


Donate to

IBAN AT12 3400 0058 0449 2856

Reference: “Support for Ukraine”

In the USA

Option 1

In section 3, note that the gift is for the Quo Vadis Institute

In the USA

Option 2

Fund-to-Fund transfer directly to the Quo Vadis Fund #1517570

In the USA

Option 3

Write a physical check to

NCF Orlando

(15 N. Eola Drive Orlando, FL 32801, Ph: 407.401.9414,

and put ‘NCFO Ukraine Rapid Assistance Fund #4121859‘ in the memo line

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